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Baking and pastry making for restaurants 

Master the techniques of professional bakery.

A course on the knowledge and practical application of the techniques of bread, cake and sweet and savory pastry making usually used in restaurant cooking.

The course Baking and Pastry Making for Restaurants is Module 5 of the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management (English).

  • Starting date: May.
  • Duration: 4 weeks.
  • Language: English or Spanish.
  • Schedule: From Monday to Friday.

***Check with the Admissions Department the possibility of taking this course separately.

Baking and Pastry Making for Restaurants, 6.5 ECTS.

  • Preparation of bread and pastry products.
  • Preparations with sugar.
  • Preparations with chocolate.
  • Savory pastries.
  • Sweet pastries.
  • Ice-creams and sorbets.
  • Desserts in the restaurant.
  • Master Sessions of Great Chefs and experts.

Completion of the module entitles students to the Specialized Diploma in Baking and Pastry Making for Restaurants by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar.

To study the Specialization Courses, follow the next steps:

  • Send the information request.
  • Submit your CV with focus on your educational background and previous experience in gastronomy.
  • Schedule an interview with the Academic Director.
  • Complete the Admission and Enrolment Form.

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