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Learning by Doing

"Learning by Doing" is one of our mottos, probably the one that best sums up the philosophy and concept of Hotel-School


EUHT StPOL is the first training center in Spain that grants the Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Business Management, a degree approved by the Ministry of Education whose denomination, exclusively in all Spain, recognizes firstly the relevance of the training program in hospitality management in the context of the tourism training.

theoretical-practical training program of EUHT StPOL is one of the most complete programs offered in Europe, since it started as pioneer of the formula of a school with a hotel with training facilities in 1966.

The students of the different training programs of EUHT StPOL work since the first year with real customers of the hotel Gran Sol, without access restrictions to all the learning environments and to the different departments of the hotel and restaurant, ascending the professional rank scale and under the direct supervision of the teaching professionals. This practical previous personalized training and of quality, guarantees, afterwards, the access to more specialized internships in the main hotel chains, restaurants and national and international touristic companies with whom the center maintains contacts and strong links since long ago.

H-E StPOL works since the beginning of the studies in the personalized career plan for each of its students, depending on the study plan taken, his specialty and his preferences:

H-E StPOL facilitates its students the access to the main hotel and restuarnts companies of the industry with presence in five continents.