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Success stories

Below you will find testimonials from Sant Pol Alumni who we have contacted them to explain their current professional situation in different areas: Hospitality Management, Kitchen and Gastronomy, Catering and Events and Tourism and Business.

Miquel Aldana

Chef and Owner Tres Macarrons (Masnou)

2001, Tec. Culinary Arts

Being methodical, disciplined and a fast learner are not the only virtues that matter. Taking the time to do things well is also important and this is what experience and knowledge reward you with.

Miquel Antoja

Kitchen Director in Sant Pau Restaurant (3 Michelin stars), Sant Pol de Mar

2007, Tec. Culinary Arts2008, Pastry Master

Every detail acquired counts. After more than 10 years since my time in Sant Pol, even now as a kitchen manager I still make use of many of the things I learned at the school.

Ramon Angrill

Director del Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona, SB Hotels Spain

1995, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Having studied in Sant Pol is a good cover letter.

Guillermo Anívaro

International Standardization and secretary of ISO TC 228

1994, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

This job is not only a way to earn money and live, it’s something else, is the vocation of service to the host or guest.

Enrique Aranda

Hilton Diagonal Mar Hotel Manager (Barcelona)

2005, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Haste is not a good travelling companion. It doesn't allow us to enjoy the present nor learn from it.

Anna Arnalot

Expansion Manager in Chekin Hoteles

1994, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

You have chosen one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industry in Spain and in the world. I am sure you’ll have a great professional future.

Iñigo Arruti

General Manager, Hilton Madrid

1999, Postgraduate in Hotel Management

Remain excited to work in such a fascinating sector and make the most of our journey through the school, creating bonds that will serve you so much in your future professional life.

Miguel Barceló

Nakar Hotel General Manager

2002, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Sant Pol helps you to know the hospitality business from the start and to learn on first hand the functions of each job in a hotel. Once leaving Sant Pol, you have a high level of knowledge in middle management positions and grab the foundation needed to take that road to the Management.

Jordi Bagó

Corporate CEO Grup SERHS

1986, Bachelor in Tourism

You need to have the kind of DNA that allows you to enjoy your job and it isn’t always like this. So, my advice to you is to dedicate yourself to his if tourism and hospitality is something you truly love

Marc Balañá

H10 Ocean Suites and Ocean Dreams Hotel Manager

2009, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

We have to be clear that we are not a factory, as we work with the feelings of people: their holidays, their leisure, a simple meal… and the client has worked hard and long to have this leaisure time

Joaquín Batanero

VP Organization & Compensation in Meliá Hotels International

1991, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

It’s an enthralling world, where every day is a new adventure and your always learn something new.

Armando Benítez

Puntarena Chef - Bosques Restaurant (México City)

2009, Tec. in Culinary Arts 2012, Pastry Master

Undoubtedly study in Sant Pol is the best option because from the first day of classes you meet a real world.

Eva Bermúdez

Key Account Manager in SERHS Tourism

2005, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

It’s time to make mistakes and learn and to do better over time, as the labor market is much more complicated. You have to enjoy because student life brings you very great moments and memories.

Jose Enrique Bertini

Hotel Manager Wyndham São Paulo Berrini (Brasil)

1997, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Make the most of the teacher’s knowledge and the contests and opportunities of the years of study

Sven Bosch

NaparBCN Owner

1992, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

This profession is serious, risky, but the most beautiful in the world. Nothing comes for free, but the hard and costant work always brings back joy and rewards

Manuel José Caicedo

Executive Chef Ritz-Carlton DIFC

2004, Postgraduate in Culinary Arts

A normal day for a chef is 14 hours. We spend more time at work than at home, so the team is also your family.

Jorge Carrasco

Food&Beverage Manager Hotel Wyndham Beacon Hill

2006, Tec. Culinary Arts 2007, Postgraduate in F&B

At first, as a student, you want to take on the world. With time you realise that there is so much to know and learn, so once you have finished your studies, the best thing is to specialize and be the best. Along with networking, you will achieve whatever it you want.

José Ramón Castillo

Owner and CEO Què bo!

2003, Postgraduate in Culinary Arts

It’s a profession that requires a strong character, but the results are beautiful.

Mario Castrellón

Chef and Owner Maito / Café Unido / mansa / Tacos la Neta / Botánica

2004, Tec. Culinary Arts

This career is dedication, imagination, creativity and self-improvement

Alexander Demin

Hotel Alba Seleqtta Manager (Lloret de Mar, Girona)

2010, Master in Hospitality Management 2011, Master in Food&Beverage

To work in this sector you have to love hospitality. It’s a very tough job and you if you don’t love it you won’t be successful.

Carles Fabregas

Executive Chef in Evenia Hotels

1994, Tec. Culinary Arts

You are in the right place to succeed.

Julie-Charlotte Franck

Digital Field Marketing Manager, Barcelona, Mallorca and Northern Spain. Starwood Hotels & Resorts International

2010, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Although we do our job for love of it, the people that work in the hotel sector are very special. They are fantastic people who look out for each other. I’m unaware of another sector where the bonds created are as strong as in the hotel sector.

Ramon Freixa

Owner Freixa Gastronomía. 2 Michelin stars

1993, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Studying in Sant Pol has been useful for me in learning how to manage different aspects of a business, from administrative to creative.

Renato Andrés Fuentealba

General Manager Hotel la frontera, Temuco (Chile)

2006, Master in Hospitality Management

You must think of one letter: “P” for patience, prudence, perseverance, and las but not least: Passion. Never, ever take no for an answer. Never stop dreaming because dreams can come true.

Pepe Fuxà

General Manager Hotel Royal Passeig de Gràcia (Barcelona)

2006, Master in Food&Beverage

Whenever you find any professional who has studied in Sant Pol makes you very excited and is a hallmark of professional quality and distinction.

Alex Garés

Chef and Food&Beverage Director Ritz Carlton Hotels and Resorts (Thailand)

1998, Tec. Culinary Arts

Enjoy yourself and be passionate. Love and working hard is the only way, there are no shortcuts

Arturo Godó

Executive Chef BAM! Tapas & Sake Bar (Indonesia)

2006, Master in Food&Beverage

Make the most of all the knowledge and tools the school offers in order to be more professional and if possible, be ready to be competitive in the working world.

Fernando Gómez

Inversiones Santorini Manager

1988, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Working at ease is synonymous to enjoy your profession.

Agurtzane Goyarzu

Coordinator of Escuela de Administración Hotelera, Universidad Internacional de Ecuador

2004, Master in Hospitality Management

If you go with the desire to develop yourself, you will learn much more than what is on the academic programme

Marc Grañó

Brand Ambassador Manager, Grupo Kalise Menorquina

2001, Tec. Culinary Arts

From the distance, and from the perspective that offers the experience, I have only say words of thanks, both for patience, for all lived in Sant Pol

Albert Grau

Consultant & Owner Magma Hospitality Consulting

1993, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

It’s and exciting industry, constantly evolving, capable of adapting itself to change and the trends of consumers unlike any other.

Bruno Hallé

Consultant and Owner Magma Hospitality Consulting

1993, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

In the evolution of my professional career, networking has allowed me to develop close ties with former classmates in the countries where I carry out consultancy.

Isabel Hernández

Rooms Division Manager, Real Hotels & Resorts, Intercontinental Red Santo Domingo

2011, Master in Hospitality Management

The best advice I can think of is never give in, take heed of advice but don’t become disillusioned. If you want it, you can do it. Trust the people that will get the best out of you. You have to keep learning and be conscious you are.

Cristina Ímaz

General Manager Hotel Barceló Monasterio de Boltaña. Barceló Hoteles

2003, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Studying in Sant Pol has helped me in learning how to work and seeing the hospitality industry from a real perspective. It helped me become adaptable to new situations.

Tristán López

Chef and Project Manager elBarri of Albert Adrià

2010, Master in Culinary Arts

Cooking can be learned, but talent and attitude, can’t.

Daniel Luna

Food&Beverage Manager, Grupo Real Turisme, Hotel Camino Real

2004, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

The multiculturalism that you experience in Sant Pol helps you get along with people from all over the world and understand the customs from other countries.

Carles Madrenas

Board Member RIU Hotels & Resorts

1993, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

We must be capable of constantly adapting to change and learn all the disciplines but, most importantly be able to integrate ino a globalized world.

Alejandro Marcos

Sommelier Manager Grupo Trocadero

2007, Master in Food&Beverage

You have to get tattooed with fire, as if it were a mantra, three key words: humility, simplicity and consistency.

Franz Martínez

General Manager Hotel Ecoresort Mas Salagros & AIRE Ancient Baths

2008, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

This profession is something that you must love because it is so demanding.

Manuel Domingo Martínez

Operations Manager TUI Hotels & Resorts, TUI AG

2010, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

The depth of experience among both resident and visiting teachers that is so valuable for the future professcional. You must be smart and make the most sof the school, so that you have it easier in your future working life.

Sergio Mellado

Corporative Director Food&Beverage Catalonia Hotels

1993, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

You have to start from the bottom, knowing well that you are planning to manage one day, which means…serving many tables, placing buffets, and doing some room services.

José Navarro

CEO, Optimal Hotels & Residences

1999, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

The most important thing to know is how best we can apply our abilities and later you will enjoy yourself so much more.

Henry Neumann

General Manager Best Western Condado Palm (Puerto Rico)

2004, Master in Hospitality Management

The school creates the ideal setting to train and prepare for a professional career.

Eduard Ollé

General Manager Parador de Xàbia, Paradores de Turismo

1973, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

I have always kept in contact with the school, and, of course, and thanks to the school I have always made contact that have benefited my career.

Juan Manuel Ortega

Chef Pastisseria Escribà

2001, Master in Culinary Arts

Meeting someone who has studied in Sant Pol is to share a philosophy, a passion and values, and this in relation to others, is an integral component.

Albert Ortiz

Chef and Owner Restaurant AXOL

2002, Tec. Culinary Arts

In this profession, like many other,s you must have dreams and goals to fulfill. You should work in whatever is your passion and way of life.

Xavier Pellicer

Chef and Owner de Cuina Céleri

1993, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Make the most of the time in the schook, to get the theoretical and practical training so you can meet the most demanding profession.

Bernat Plana

R&D Department el Celler de Can Roca

2008, Tec. Culinary Arts

Don’t stop learning, not even for a day. Open your mind to absorb the best information and learning.

Gerard Plans

Owner and Manager Leading Cuisine

1998, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

When we talk about quality restaurants we associate with those who have Michelin stars, but it’s very segmented by region and there are more than 1,000 Michelin stars in France but none in Argentina, South Africa, Thailand or Australia even has a exceptional kitchen.

Oscar Plans

General Manager Moivaro Lodges & Tented Camps (Tanzania)

1998, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

I have very fond memories of my time in Sant Pol: teachers who were incredibly patient and passionate, the joy of studying with beautiful views, and running a small hotel while studying. It’s the perfect place to learn and make lifetime friendships

Pedro Quetglas

Cluster Revenue Manager Mallorca and Ibiza, Meliá Hotels International

2004, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

You will leave from Sant Pol well trained, like a true professional and with a large network of friends from all over the world

Stephanie Quijano

F.C. Barcelona Operations Manager SERHS Food

2004, Tec. Culinary Arts

Take advantatge of the opportunity to learn from the greatest professionals. The years of study are an intense experience, so make the most of them.

Carmen Salmán

Operations Manager Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

2011, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

We are the owners of our decisions to take advantatge from opportunities.

Ramón Saltó

Culinary Director The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences

1996, Tec. Culinary Arts

Follow your dreams, be hard-working and honest. Travel, learn about different cultures, different cuisine, never stop learning but, above all, whatever you do should come from the heart.

Ellen Sattler

Sales Manager The Westin Bellevue Dresden

2004, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

It’s always better to look foward. As long as you believe in what you are doing, the outcome can be beautiful. you must always keep in mind the human side of the profession.

Lorena Sauma

Regional VP HPN Global Costa Rica. Owner Delixioso Costa Rica

2001, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Every detail has a purpose. Sant Pol prepares you for a future in the hotel industry. The school prepares to face the situations that the future may offer. Of course, each and every one of us needs make the most of the training.

Josep Maria Serra

General Manager Hotel Hesperia Tower & Convention Center (Barcelona)

1991, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

The sector in which we work is a leading one. Nobody offers you anything on a plate. You have to earn it, luck won’t find you. You have to go out and find it for yourself; once you do, we grow little by little, on a solid base, without haste.

Josep Solé

Food&Beverage Manager, Hotel Marqués de Riscal, Luxury Collection Hotel

2003, Tec. Culinary Arts

My most treasured memory are the three years I spent in this marvellous school, wrapped up in an unforgettable environment.

Jordi Ten

Chief Executive Officer Publintur and Grup SERHS Vice-secretary

1995, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Take good profit of the possibilities and opportunities that lief brings you. Never give up and look for the satisfaction in the work you do.

Luis Vannini

General Manager Grupo Cubitá Panamá

2004, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Tourism

Your working life is tough and competitive. You must be prepared for it.

Josep Vilella

Owner La Venta Restaurant and Gastronomic Critic ``5 a Taula`` (La Vanguardia)

1974, Bachelor in Tourism

Learn, study enjoying yourself and enjoy working.

Andrés Viteri

Executive Chef Hotel Dann Carlton Quito

2005, Tec. Culinary Arts 2006, Pastry Restaurants Master

With the strong foundations obtained in the school, professional growth is quite fast and continuous.