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Our goal is to accompany our Alumni throughout their professional development, promoting networking and offering them exclusive opportunities.

Sant Pol Alumni is a network that brings together all the students that have studied in the Hotel-School Sant Pol de Mar since its foundation in 1966. The objective of this platform is the contact and cooperation between H-E StPOL and the former students, with the purpose of accompanying them in their professional development, empowering the networking and offering of exclusive opportunities. All the former students with an accreditation of technical, university degree, postgraduate or master degree can be members of Sant Pol Alumni.

H-E StPOL has more than 6.000 former students located internationally with the insignia and prestige of being a former student of Sant Pol. This extensive network allows the contact between professionals of the industry, the interchange of points of view and the access to labor opportunities.

H-E StPOL organizes and puts under disposition regular meetings with former students besides the facilitation of the connection among International members.

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