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Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Service


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The Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Service program is a Vocational Training Medium Level Degree with double accreditation authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Technical Degree in Gastronomy includes two concentrations:

  • Kitchen and Gastronomy.
  • Restaurant Service.

Duration: 3 years

Teaching Language: Spanish.

Schedule: full-time that combines theory with practice in the Hotel-School.

The career opportunities of the Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Service offer a strong variety within the gastronomy and restaurant industry:

  • Gastronomy Chef, Head of Section, Head of Bakery, Pastry Chef, etc.
  • Restaurant Service: Maître, Restaurant Service Manager, Bar Service Manager, Sommelier, Chef de Partie, etc.

The study plan includes theoretical classes, practical classes and professional visits to hotels, restaurants, wine cellars, research centers, etc.

The teaching plan has 2.872 hours in the three courses (Spanish):

  • Safety, hygiene and environmental protection in hostelry.
  • Baking and pastry processes.
  • Gastronomic offers.
  • Pre-preparation and preservation of food.
  • Culinary techniques.
  • Desserts in restaurants.
  • Restaurant operations.
  • Bar and cafeteria operations.
  • Cafeteria and Bar service.
  • Wine service.
  • Restaurant and special event service.
  • Culinary products.
  • Communication techniques in restaurant services.
  • Professional English for restaurant services.
  • French.
  • Training and job guidance.
  • Enterprise and enterprising initiative.
  • Synthesis.
  • Training in job centers.

During the course: Practices 4 days per week in the Hotel-School facilities. These are rotating between Bar, Kitchen and Restaurant Room Service.

Summer months: Every summer the accreditation includes two months of professional internships in the sector. During the first year they are conducted in the facilities of the Hotel-School and upon the completion of the second and third courses the internships are conducted in hotel and restaurant groups outside the school.

The school is in charge of coordinating customized internships for the students, depending on their specialization, nationally and internationally.

  • Diploma of Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Service granted by the Gastronomy and Restaurant Service Sant Pol de Mar (CGR).
  • Medium Level Vocational Training Degree in Kitchen and Gastronomy granted by the Departament d’Ensenyament of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Medium Level Vocational Training Degree in Restaurant Service granted by the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

The access requirement to the program are:

  • Completion of the Mandatory High School Teaching (ESO in Spanish) or the access tests to Medium Degree of Professional Training.
  • Successfully passing an interview with a CGR StPOL representative (under special circumstances, a telephone/skype interview may be).

EUHT StPOL has a study Help Fund for studies in its school. The aim of this fund is to facilitate the access to the educational programs to those candidates that, due to economic reasons, have difficulties to enroll. They are granted in a percentage basis of the  total basic or academic cost of the course up to a 35% with basis in the academic record and the economic power of the candidate and of those who finance his studies.

Some public agencies offer other aids:

MAE-AECI Scholarchip (for students who are not members of the European Union)
Beca Conpeht

Banco Sabadell

“La Caixa”

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