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Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

Duration: 8 months, besides from 3 to 6 professional internship in the industry.

Teaching Language: English.

Schedules: From Monday to Friday.

  • Head of kitchen, head of section, kitchen executive manager, gastronomic adviser, events executive manager, R+D manager, etc.

The study plan includes theoretical classes, practical classes and master classes given by renowned chefs of the gastronomy.

  • Module 1: Kitchen Management and Administration. 9 ECTS, 5 weeks
  • Module 2: Culinary Products and Techniques. 12 ECTS, 14 weeks.
  • Module 3: Creativity and Innovation in the Kitchen. 8 ECTS, 5 weeks.
  • Module 4: Cooking for Events. 6,5 ECTS. 6 weeks.
  • Module 5: Baking and Pastry for Restaurants. 6,5 ECTS, 4 weeks
  • Master Final Project. 6 ECTS
  • Final industry internship. 12 ECTS

Internships in the industry once the Master’s classes are completed. They are professional incorporation internships and can be from 3 to 6 months. The school is in charge of coordinating costumized internships for the students both nationally and internationally.

Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar and the Universitat de Girona.

For students who are graduated by official college career also obtain the Diploma of Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management from the University of Girona.

For students without official university studies obtain the university Diploma of Specialization in Culinary Arts Management.

  • Lecturers of kitchen operations, at a theoretical and practice level.
  • Industry professionals: consultants and restaurant managers and chefs of international reputation
  • Request information about the required study program.
  • Submit the Curriculum Vitae, stating the professional previous experience and education in the gastronomy sector.
  • Coordinate and have a personal interview with one of the members of our Board of Directors.
  • Request the admission form.
  • Pay the enrolment fee.
  • Hand in the admission form completed along with all the information requested. All documents must be current originals and certified by the pertinent bodies.
  • Make an official free pre-enrolment established by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Admissions Department will inform about all the requirements needed for accessing the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management and give advice on all the procedures for enrolment.

For further information, contact the Admissions Department on , for requests for information, or by e-mail at

EUHT StPOL has a study Help Fund for studies in its school. The aim of this fund is to facilitate the access to the educational programs to those candidates that, due to economic reasons, have difficulties to enroll. They are granted in a percentage basis of the total basic or academic cost of the course up to a 30% with basis in the academic record and the economic power of the candidate and of those who finance his studies.

Some public agencies offer other aids:

MAE-AECI Scholarship (for students who are not members of the European Union)
Beca Conpeht


There is an agreement with different financing agencies to obtain a special financing for the students of EUHT StPOL:

Sabadell Bank

“La Caixa”


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