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Diploma in Food and Beverage and Restaurant Management


Diploma in Food and Beverage and Restaurant Management ONLINE

The Diploma in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management is part of the Master in Hospitality Management online (English)

This course is a Master’s concentration, that let the student specialize in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management.

  • Language: The classes will be given in English.

Diploma in F&B and Restaurant Management, 12 credits

  • Food & Beverage Cost Control, 3 credits
    • The role of cost control
    • Calculating real Food & Beverage costs
    • Control analysis
    • Corrective action and evaluation
    • Revenue control
    • Labour cost control
  • Food & Beverage Process Management, 3 credits
  • Strategic management in Food & Beverage processes
  • Measurement and control in Food & Beverage process management
  • Innovation inproduct and service processes in F&B
  • Quality implementation in Restaurant management


  • Event Planning and Management, 3 credits
  • The basics of event blanning and management
  • Event systems, operations and logistics
  • Program design
  • Cost and budget



  • Food & Beverage Sales Management, 3 credits
    • Identifying prospective retailers
    • Positioning your brand product
    • Defining your target audience
    • Identifying buyer’s motives to purchase


Completion of the module entitles students to the Specialized Diploma in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar.

To study the Specialization Courses, it is necessary to follow the admission and enrolment process:

  • Make the request of the course by means of the website form.
  • Submit to the Admissions Department your Curriculum Vitae, stating your previous experience in gastronomy.
  • If considered necessary, you can have an Admission interview with the Academic Director.
  • Complete the Admission and Enrolment Form.

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