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Professional Development Days

The event in which the representatives of Human Resources of the most important hospitality companies visit EUHT StPOL to interview students who finish their studies.


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The Professional Development Days

As every year, EUHT StPOL organizes the Professional Development Days (PDD), a special event where the human resources representatives from the most important hotel and restaurant companies come to EUHT StPOL to interview the students that are finishing their studies on the current year. The aim of these interviews is to obtain a job through a previous internship period.

So, the Professional Development Days mission is to offer a close relation with the leader national and international hospitality chains.

The PDD last two days. During the mornings the companies do a presentation about about their job culture and philosophy. And, in the afternoons it's time for the interviews with the students. This is an exclusive service for EUHT StPOL students and also for EUHT StPOL Alumni.

EUHT StPOL is the leading hotel-school in the sector since 1966, it keeps a close relationship with the leading hotel and tourism companies. These companies participate in the PDD in a rotated way, that way all the companies have the opportunity to visit and recruit in EUHT StPOL. 100% of the students attending achieve a final internhsip and 94% obtain a career plan after completing their internship.

Companies participating in PDD