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Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (UdG)






Full time combining theory with practice in the Hotel-School

The Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management has 2 mentions:

1. Mention in Hotel Management:

a) Concentration in International Hotel Management.

2. Mention in Gastronomy, Restaurants and Events Management:

a) Concentration in food & beverage and events management.

b) Concentration in culinary arts and kitchen management.

* NOTE: The mention is determined by the elective subjects and the Degree Thesis. The concentration is determined, in addition, by the traineeship in the Hotel-School (during the second and third course) and the external professional traineeships.

Diploma Universitat de Girona (official title): University Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management

– Hotel Mention


Diploma EUHT StPOL (own title): Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management

a) International hotel specialization

b) Food & beverage and events management.

c) Gastronomy and Kitchen Management


International Diploma / Certification:  HSD Student Learning Visual Transcript (Acredited by Hotel Schools of Distinction)

The network member universities Hotel Schools of Distinction ave developed a certificate of knowledge and skills acquired during the studies, calledHSD Student Learning Visual Transcript.  It is a unique certification in the world, endorsed among all the universities belonging to the network of leading hotel universities internationally, representing 8 countries.

Access Requirements:

  • High School. Access: University Access in your origin Country
  • Request information about the required study program.
  • Coordinate and have a personal interview with one of the members of our Board of Directors.
  • Request the admission form.
  • Pay the enrolment fee.
  • Hand in the admission form completed along with all the information requested.
  • Make an official free pre-enrolment established by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • All documents must be current originals and certified by the pertinent bodies.
  • The Admissions Department will inform all the requirements needed for the access the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and give advice on all the procedures for enrolment.
For further information, contact the Admissions Department on for requests for information, or by e-mail at  
See regulation od admission and enrollment (UdG)

The study plan includes theoretical classes, practical classes and professional visits to hotels, restaurants, wineries, research centres, etc. In addition, EUHT StPOL students can attend summer courses, as well as enjoy scholarships such as the Erasmus programme.

This study plan is being implemented beginning in the academic year 2019-2020. The previous study plan, in force for students who started their studies at EUHT StPOL before that year, can be consulted here.

Primer curso

Fundamentos y dimensiones del turismo y la hostelería - 24 ECTS
1r semestre 3153G01089 Dimensión económica del mercado turístico 6 ECTS Básica
1r semestre 3153G01092 Dimensión jurídica del turismo 6 ECTS Básica
1r semestre 3153G01091 Dimensión territorial del turismo 6 ECTS Básica

2º semestre


Dimensión sociocultural del turismo



Métodos comunicativos y cuantitativos - 6 ECTS
Anual 3153G01095 English B-2 6 ECTS Básica
Operaciones de alojamiento y restauración - 15 ECTS
Anual 3153G01141 Introducción al turismo y hotelería 3 ECTS Básica
Anual 3153G01097 Operaciones de Food & Beverage 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Anual 3153G01098 Operaciones de Front & Back Office 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Fundamentos de empresa - 6 ECTS
Anual 3153G01100 Organización y gestión de empresas 6 ECTS Básica
Practicum - 9 ECTS
2º semestre 3153G01139 Prácticas de empresa 1 9 ECTS Obligatoria

Segundo curso

Fundamentos de empresa - 15 ECTS
1r semestre


Márqueting 6 ECTS Básica
Anual 3153G01099

Contabilidad financiera



Idioma básico - 12 ECTS
Anual 3153G01102 English C-1 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Anual 3153G01135 Segundo idioma extranjero básico (alemán) 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Anual 3153G01136 Segundo idioma extranjero básico (francés) 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Gastronomía y restauración - 18 ECTS
2º semestre 3153G01104 Tecnología de los alimentos 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Anual 3153G01105 Cultura gastronómica 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Anual 3153G01106 Food & Beverage Process Management 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Gestión del turismo - 3 ECTS
1r semestre 3153G01108 Sistemas de intermediación turística 3 ECTS Obligatoria
Métodos comunicativos y cuantitativos - 12 ECTS

2º semestre


Técnicas cuantitativas y cualitativas de análisis turístico

6 ECTS Básica
Anual 3153G01094 Técnicas informáticas y comunicativas 6 ECTS


Tercer curso

Gestión de Hoteles y Restaurantes - 24 ECTS
1r semestre 3153G01109 Food & Beverage Management 4 ECTS Obligatoria
1r semestre 3153G01114 Managerial Accounting and Finance 4 ECTS Obligatoria
1r semestre 3153G01111 Purchasing Management 4 ECTS Obligatoria
1r semestre 3153G01112 Revenue & Yield Management 4 ECTS Obligatoria
1r semestre 3153G01113 Hospitality Human Resources Management 4 ECTS Obligatoria



Administración y control de alojamientos



Gestión del turismo - 6 ECTS
2º semestre 3153G01107 Gestión de destinos turísticos 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Idioma profesional turístico - 12 ECTS
Anual 3153G01115 Professional Tourism English 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Anual 3153G01116 Segundo idioma profesional turístico 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Practicum - 18 ECTS
2º semestre 3153G01117 Prácticas de empresa 2 18 ECTS Obligatoria

Cuarto curso

Estrategias de empresa - 12 ECTS
1r semestre 3153G01118 Hospitality Strategic Management 4 ECTS Obligatoria
1r semestre 3153G01119 Sales and Distribution Management 4 ECTS Obligatoria
1r semestre 3153G01120 Relaciones públicas y comunicación 4 ECTS Obligatoria
Optativas - 30 ECTS
1r semestre 3153G01137 Tercer idioma extranjero básico (alemán) 6 ECTS Optativa
1r semestre 3153G01138 Tercer idioma extranjero básico (francés) 6 ECTS Optativa

1r semestre


Legislación hotelera y laboral 6 ECTS


2º semestre 3153G01125

Tercer idioma profesional turístico

6 ECTS Optativa
2º semestre 3153G01127 Tipología y gestión de empresas de cátering, colectividades y servicios generales hospitalarios 6 ECTS Optativa
2º semestre 3153G01128 Hospitality Franchising Systems 6 ECTS Optativa
2º semestre 3153G01129 Public Events Planning and Management 6 ECTS Optativa
2º semestre 3153G01130 Arquitectura y mantenimiento en establecimientos de hotelería 6 ECTS Optativa
2º semestre 3153G01132 Nuevas tecnologías culinarias 6 ECTS Optativa
Inglés profesional hotelero - 6 ECTS
Anual 3153G01133 Professional English for the Hospitality Industry 6 ECTS Obligatoria
Trabajo de fin de grado - 12 ECTS
Anual 3153G01134 Trabajo de Final de Grado 12 ECTS Obligatoria
Más información sobre el plan de estudios (UdG)

EUHT StPOL has a study Help Fund for university studies  in it school. The aim of this fund is to facilitate the access to the educational programs to those candidates that, due to economic reasons, have difficulties to enroll. They are granted in a percentage basis of the total basic or academic cost of the course up to a 20% with basis in the academic record and the economic power of the candidate and of those who finance his studies.

Some public agencies offer other aids:

MAE-AECI Scholarchip (for students who are not members of the European Union)
Beca Conpeht

Banco Sabadell

“La Caixa”

More Information (UdG)

La beca o ERASMUS program The ERASMUS scholarship or program is the acronym of the official name given to it in English:  European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, or what is the same the “"Action Plan of the European Community for the Mobility of University Students”.

The Erasmus scholarship is therefore an economic aid given to university students and teachers of the European Union to study in the countries attached to the plan (different from the country of the applicant).

The ERASMUS scholarchip, applicable to the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, gives us an important personal value, but also a social value as it is recognized as a relevant element in nurturing cohesion and knowledge of the European Union amongst the young. Bonds of friendship are therefore created that cross borders and raise European citizenship awareness.

All of this human experience also opens the doors to the European job market. The condition of living in a different country obliges students to know and/or improve a new language, which is key for a future job in the hospitality sector. Also, the bonds of friendship formed during these months when students live with other young people of a different nationality but similar to them, with the same concerns and objectives, can be the first step towards new business and work projects.

The ERASMUS scholarships were awarded with the Príncipe de Asturias de Cooperación Internacional Prize in 2004, as one of the most important programs of cultural exchange in the history of humanity, as an element of integrating knowledge between peoples. For these reasons, EUHT StPOL decided to carry out this initiative along with the universities of the European Union.

Más información (UdG
  • International Hospitality Management: Hotel manager, Hotel consultant, Department Management, Corporate Services Management, Hotel Entrepreneur, Hotel management.
  • Restaurants and Events Management: Restaurant Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Manager of Events Companies, Manager of Catering Companies, Restaurant Entrepreneur.
  • Gastronomy and Cuisine Management:Gastronomy Consultant, Executive Chef, Gastronomy Entrepreneur.

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