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Quality at the University of Girona and at the EUHT StPOL

The University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL) is a higher education centre affiliated to the University of Girona (UdG), and as such we are an integral part of the UdG's quality management system, a dynamic system based on process management which applies to the institution as a whole and to all its different centres, but which also allows to establish centre-specific quality procedures.

The quality management system at UdG and EUHT StPOL has the mission of guaranteeing compliance with internal and external requirements and providing support for the achievement of the development objectives established by the university and by the centre itself, in the institutional, teaching, research and transfer areas, services, as well as the management of the participation of the university community and interest groups. The quality management guidelines are set out in documents that graphically describe these processes.

Internal quality management at EUHT StPOL

EUHT StPOL adheres to the UdG's quality management and assessment system, and shares with UdG the commitment to quality and the system of quality assessment processes.

Our College has always been demanding in its aim to offer superior training of high academic, professional and human quality in the hospitality and gastronomy fields, and the international recognition of the College underpins the results obtained.

Given the fact that EUHT StPOL is a small centre with immediate interrelationships, a noticeable part of the development in the process of seeking the highest quality is rooted in oral or written contributions received through unofficial feedback channels. We would like to emphasise that this mode is the result of understanding human nature and the natural ways of communicating directly and informally. It is part of the normal functioning of the College and contributes to the agility in the day-to-day running that we are proud of. The informal channel has been and continues to be a valuable part of the information we receive for our development and thus forms part of the quality management of the College. At this point we would like to express our thanks to all those who help us to improve.

The immediacy of interactions is complemented by care and diligence in the management of all areas requiring a higher level of formality, for the benefit of continuous improvement of the College.

Thus, the management team is responsible for the fundamentals and the operation and implementation of the quality management system as a whole. The continuous monitoring of the system rests with the person designated for this purpose by the directorate and is regularly submitted for approval to the College's Quality Committee, the College Board and the UdG's Quality Committee.

Follow-up and improvement plan

There are several institutional instruments for documenting the quality assessment and improvement of the College and the study programme, such as the degree programme indicators, the academic satisfaction surveys, the College's annual follow-up report, and on the other, its improvement plan. This plan covers all areas, from the management of the centre and its facilities, communication, teaching, academic and administrative staff, student services, and even the improvement process itself.

The improvement goals and actions are regularly updated using a digital application, and their assessment is part of the follow-up reports of the College.

Follow-up reports

Procedures and other site-specific quality management documents

As a result of the continuous improvement goals, the College has also developed its own specific documentation to guide certain aspects of its day-to-day operations.

Quality certification and recognition

EUHT StPOL quality system is audited every six years by the Catalan University System Quality Agency (AQU) in accordance with the accreditation process for official degrees and higher education centres. For this reason, the Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management bears the AQU's seal of approval. This accreditation certifies, among other things, that the study programme meets the academic standards in terms of content, that the study structures meet all the formal requirements and that the necessary resources are available for the implementation of the programme through qualified staff and sufficient material equipment.

We are very committed to offering our students a first-class study programme in terms of content, organisation and professional employability. The success of this approach has also been recognised internationally in the prestigious QS World University Rankings by Subject, where EUHT StPOL has consolidated its position as the best Spanish university centre in the field of Hospitality & Leisure Management, and one of the top 12 worldwide in this discipline (see also the article in our blog).