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9 April, 2020
Patrick Rodríguez studied the Master in Culinary Arts & Kitchen Management at EUHT StPOL. He did his internship in the two Michelin star restaurant Moments

“Working in a fine dining two Michelin star restaurant is intense but it’s definitely rewarding”

3 April, 2020
Carme Ponsa, Directora de Operaciones Hotel Tahití Playa, explica cómo afrontan desde el sector hotelero y turístico la crisis del coronavirus.

“We ask the customers to put their trust in the hospitality and tourism industry again”

21 November, 2019

Former students of EUHT StPOL add up to 8 Michelin stars

If the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL) had a walk of fame reserved for great chefs, […]
12 November, 2019

EUHT StPOL students participate in the Nordic Business Forum during their Erasmus in Helsinki

21 October, 2019

“I wanted to live the experience of doing an internship in a Michelin-starred restaurant” Marsilio Kunst, EUHT StPOL student

17 October, 2019

Professional image: how to boost it in the hospitality and tourism sector