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PDD 2024

Practical information about the Professional Development Days 2024

6 and 7 February, 2024


Participating companies

















Tuesday, 6 February 2024

  • 8:30h - 8:50h Student registration

  • 8:50h - 9:00h Presentation

  • 9:00h - 9:30h 1st presentation: REAL Hotels & Resorts

  • 9:30h - 10:00h 2nd presentation: TELEFÈRIC BARCELONA

  • 10:00h - 10:30h 3rd presentation: H10 Hotels

  • 10:30h - 11:00h Coffee Break

  • 11:00h - 11:30h 4th presentation: DO&CO

  • 11:30h - 12:00h 5th presentation: SIX SENSES

  • 12:00h - 12:30h 6th presentation: LEONARDO Hotels

  • 12:30 - 13:30h Break

  • 13:30h - 15:00h Lunch

  • 15:00h - 19:00h Interviews

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

  • 8:30h - 8:50h Student registration

  • 8:50h - 9:00h Presentation

  • 9:00h - 9:30h 1st presentation: MINOR Hotels

  • 9:30h - 10:00h 2nd presentation: MELIÁ Hotels International

  • 10:00h - 10:30h 3rd presentation: SMART ROOM COMPANY

  • 10:30h - 11:00h 4th presentation: PALLADIUM Hotel Group

  • 11:00h - 11:30h Coffee Break

  • 11:30 - 12:00h 5th presentation: BARCELO Hotel Group

  • 12:00h - 12:30h 6th presentation: IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts

  • 12:30h - 13:00h 7th presentation: MANDARIN ORIENTAL Hotel Group

  • 13:00h - 13:30h Break

  • 13:30h - 15:00h Lunch 

  • 15:00h - 19:00h Interviews

In addition, some of the participating hotel chains will conduct interviews outside of the Professional Development Days.

Protocol and rules for participating students

  • Dress code (compulsory): Men are required to wear a suit, tie and shoes, while a business uniform for women. The students specializing in any kitchen program may wear a chef's uniform as long as it is worn in perfect condition. Those who do not meet these requirements will not be able to access the event hall.

  • Personal image: The students must show up with a high standard of physical appearance.
  • Presentations:  Attendance at the presentations is mandatory as it is a unique academic activity to learn about the vision and values of the invited hotel groups.

  • Punctuality: Candidates must arrive 10 minutes prior to registration, presentations, and interviews.

How do PDD work?

EUHT StPOL sends to the companies the CV of the students of all the academic programs that finish their studies, as well as, the CV of the former students of EUHT StPOL that would like to participate in the Professional Development Days.

The companies make a preselection of the candidates chosen to interview during the PDD.

Those interested in a specific company that have not been selected, may leave their CV in the tray of the corresponding company.

This is not the only way to get internships or job offers through EUHT StPOL, as it has contacts with independent establishments that need interns and staff to fill job vacancies.