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Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management

Specialize and grow professionally with the best chefs!

If you have spent years working in culinary arts and gastronomy and you feel that it's time to raise the level of your career or you want to deepen your knowledge in culinary arts, this Master is your best choice.


September or February


On campus


8 months of classes and 3 to 6 months of industry internship


Monday to Thrusday



Study plan

In this Master you will learn to manage a kitchen, you will delve into culinary techniques and discover the latest in gastronomic innovation, without forgetting pastry or the preparation of complete menus for special celebrations.

The Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management (60 ECTS) is divided into two semesters, plus the Final Project and the professional internships.

Bootcamp in a professional kitchen

75 hours

The Master starts off with a test in a professional kitchen service. During this period, your knowledge of European cuisine, your performance in a professional kitchen and your teamwork skills will be evaluated.

The aim of this first assessment’s is to guide you and prepare you for the beginning of the classes. In case that you may need to improve your skills in any given aspect, an individualized program will be made for you during the first semester to catch up with your classmates.

Semester 1: Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management


Improve kitchen logistics, optimize the food production system and understand every single detail of a restaurant business. You will get the necessary tools to create a professional culinary project that lives up to your dreams! Once mastered, you will learn the different cooking techniques, taking them to their highest level. You will discover new products to use in your culinary preparations and you will learn how to treat each raw material and ingredient to optimize its gastronomic properties.

In addition, you will be able to apply a large number of techniques for the preparation and plating of different gastronomic offerings.

Semester 2: Haute Cuisine and Culinary Innovation


Do you know what is the most exciting thing about cooking? That it's always evolving and innovating. You will immerse yourself in the study and practice of creativity, learning the latest trends in cooking and the most innovative techniques that have changed everything.

It's time to master the new technologies applied to gastronomy, such as molecular cuisine. Liquid nitrogen, low-temperature cooking, spherifications, gelatins, foams...

You will become an expert in modern and avant-garde cuisine. And you will learn about kitchen research thanks to the institutions and professionals with the most experience in R + D + I.

Final Master Project


Demonstrate all the knowledge you have acquired during the Master in the Final Project and defend it in front of the academic jury. You will have to present a several-dish menu putting together all the knowledge you will have acquired throughout the year. This is the last step to success!

Professional internships

Grow professionally thanks to our internships

After completing the Master, continue learning through a professional internship of between 3 and 6 months in prestigious restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. Through the Professional Development Days you will be in touch with human resources representatives of the best restaurants and hotel groups.

The professional internships are a fundamental piece that will allow you to consolidate the knowledge acquired, achieve your goals and master your profession. They are the beginning of a direct relationship with the professional environment and become a fantastic networking opportunity, because you can start creating your own network of contacts in the sector.

Our priority is to offer each student a personalized internship, both nationally and internationally.


Career opportunities

Would you like to lead a project capable of changing everything?

With the Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management you will be able to operate in the position of head chef, chef de partie or executive chef . You will also have all the knowledge to be a fantastic culinary consultant or to start and create your own kitchen or restaurant business.

Design a menu of the highest category as executive chef or innovate as R&D manager!


All students who finish the Master will obtain the Diploma of the Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL).

In addition, students with previous official university degree studies approved and correctly apostilled will also receive the Diploma of the permanent training Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management by Universitat de Girona Foundation (professional private diploma). Students who don't meet these requirements, will get a Certificate of Attendance by Universitat de Girona Foundation.

Teaching staff

When prestige is the marriage of talent and effort

At EUHT StPOL we believe that the best way to learn is doing it with the best, that talent is transmitted through training and that the passion for well done job is contagious.

That is why our teaching staff is made up of leading swords of our industry: kitchen teachers, both at a theoretical and practical level, together with consultants and managers who know first-hand the latest in innovation in the world of culinary arts and restaurant management.

The finishing touch are the master classes by Michelin-starred chefs and chefs of international prestige.

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