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PDD 2020

Practical information about the Professional Development Days (PDD) 2020


February 4th and 5th, 2020

February 4th, 2020

February, 5th 2020

* Companies that offer career opportunities for non Spanish speaking candidates. Rest of companies: A good level of Spanish is a requirement.

Spanish speaking students must attend to all the presentations. On February 5th, non Spanish speaking students can leave the presentation room after the break time, which is after Barceló Hotels & Resorts.

Companies participating in PDD 2020

Protocol and rules for the participants

  • Uniformity (mandatory to access the room): All PDD participants must wear a suit and tie, and a business uniform for girls. Those who do not comply with the requirement will not be able to access the Room and will count as an absence.

  • Registration: All participants must register in the bar lounge from 9.00 to 9.25 am on Tuesday 4th February 2020 and from 8.40 to 9.05 am on Wednesday 5th February 2020. The presentations will be made in the Llevant room..

  • Attendance at presentations: Presentations from participating companies are mandatory for all students who finish their studies at EUHT StPOL this course. AAA members who will participate in the interviews must also attend all presentations of the day.

  • Breaks: It is forbidden to leave the room in the time slots between presentations. For this, the appropriate breaks have been established.

  • Lunch: Students who usually have lunch, will proceed as a normal day. Students who do not usually eat lunch at school can buy tickets for lunch at the Self.

  • Interviews: The candidates selected for the interviews have been chosen by the same companies.

H-E StPOL sends to the participating companies the Curricula Vitae of the students of all the programs that finish the studies in the School this year

The companies will make a pre-selection of the chosen CVs, which will subsequently be communicated to all participants to the Professional Development Days. For those interested in a particular company that have not been selected, they can leave their CV in the corresponding company tray that they will find at a table in the lounge.

In case of having enough time to conduct additional interviews, the companies would give the list of the new candidates selected after lunch. This is not the only means to get internships or job offers through the School, as it has contacts with independent establishments that require the collaboration of the School for students in internships and job vacancies.