Postgraduate Programs

in Culinary Arts

Discover our Postgraduate Programs in Gastronomy and become an expert in your field of interest:

The Postgraduate specialization Programs are part of the Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management, so they are held once a year following the Master's academic calendar. They consist of 4 months of academic classes with a professional internship period of 3 months in gastronomic restaurants or internationally renowned hotel chains.

Postgraduate in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

This programs covers the gastronomic base to manage a professional kitchen in a financial and ecological sustainable way.

Integrated by a block of practical subjects to master the products and raw materials by applying the different culinary techniques of preparation, production and presentation in the gastronomic offers of traditional, modern, avant-garde and thematic cuisines.

And on the other hand, it delves into the matters that are the foundation of kitchen management, such as the systematization of operational management processes, cost and performance control, and purchasing management techniques.

Postgraduate in Fine Dining and Culinary Innovation

This is a theoretical-practical postgraduate course made up of four areas of work: concept and characteristics of creativity, experiences and trends in innovation and creativity, new technology techniques and molecular cuisine, and introduction to cooking research at the hands of institutions. and people with experience in the field of R&D&i. As you will learn, working in a professional kitchen always comes with constant research and testing.


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