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Specialization courses (English)

Discover the short term courses of haute cuisine and become an expert in your favorite specialty:

The specialization courses are part of the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management (English) and for that reason, they are conducted once a year following the academic calendar of the Master.

Kitchen management and administration (English)

The gastronomic basis to manage the professional cuisine.

Course comprised by complementary subjects which are the basis of the kitchen management. The subjects for the second part of the module study the systematization of the operative management processes, the costs and output control, and purchasing management techniques.

Improve the techniques of the cuisines of the world.

A course designed for the practical analysis of the products and raw materials by applying the different culinary techniques of pre-preparation, preparation and presentation in the gastronomic offers of the traditional, modern, avantgarde and thematic cuisine.

The work in the kitchen is a constant investigation.

Theoretical – practical course comprised by four work areas: concept and characteristics of creativity, experiences and innovation and creativity trends, knowledge and practice of the techniques of new technologies and molecular cuisine, and introduction to the research in the cuisine by institutions and persons with experience in the field of R&D+i.

Design, execution and control of gastronomic events.

A course on the knowledge and practical application of the techniques of organization, management and control of the gastronomic offers of banquets, conventions, congresses and other events.

Master the techniques of professional bakery.

A course on the knowledge and practical application of the techniques of bread, cake and sweet and savory pastry making usually used in restaurant cooking.


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