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23 December, 2020
Desde EUHT StPOL os deseamos un mejor 2021

We wish you a better 2021!

23 November, 2020
Cartas para la hotelería y la restauración

Letters for the hospitality and restaurant industry

5 November, 2020
Tendencias en hotelería y restauración: el nuevo mercado laboral

Trends in hotels and restaurants: the new labour market

17 October, 2019

Professional image: how to boost it in the hospitality and tourism sector

8 October, 2019

EUHT StPOL in the Catalan Food Council

8 April, 2019

Serious Games for Hospitality or how to develop R & D projects in the hospitality and tourism sector through videogames and gamification

1 April, 2019

EUHT StPOL participates in the 10th edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit in Lausanne

13 March, 2019

Guillem Cunill, student of EUHT StPOL; wins the Club del Barman trophy at the 36th Catalonia’s Young Cocktail Contest

27 February, 2019

EUHT StPOL among the world’s top 20 universities in Hospitality and Leisure Management

The newest edition of the QS World University Rankings® places the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol de Mar / Barcelona […]