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9 April, 2020
Patrick Rodríguez studied the Master in Culinary Arts & Kitchen Management at EUHT StPOL. He did his internship in the two Michelin star restaurant Moments

“Working in a fine dining two Michelin star restaurant is intense but it’s definitely rewarding”

28 February, 2020

The first Charity Dinner organized by EUHT StPOL manages to raise more than € 4500 for El Banc dels Aliments Foundation

24 October, 2019

Digitalize a restaurant and its reservations

21 October, 2019

“I wanted to live the experience of doing an internship in a Michelin-starred restaurant” Marsilio Kunst, EUHT StPOL student

8 October, 2019

EUHT StPOL in the Catalan Food Council

1 October, 2019

Three facts you still don’t know about the new EUHT StPOL academic year

26 September, 2019

Science and cooking: the meeting point

9 May, 2019

Local cuisine was the main topic of the 33rd Catalonia Young Cooking Contest held at the Hotel-School of Sant Pol de Mar with a jury chaired by chefs Javier and Sergio Torres, with two Michelin stars

16 April, 2019

A journey around the world through its gastronomy thanks to the students of the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management of EUHT StPOL