28 April, 2022

Raúl Gisbert, EUHT StPOL student, winner of the Catalan Young Chef Award

6 April, 2022

EUHT StPOL best university in Spain in Hospitality & Leisure Management for the fifth consecutive year and 12th in the world

10 March, 2022

Young Hoteliers Summit 2022: EUHT StPOL delegates win the challenge “Retaining and attracting talent in the hospitality industry”

1 March, 2022

Soles Repsol: What are they and which restaurants have won this award in 2022?

16 December, 2021

Best wishes for 2022

15 December, 2021

The Michelin star chefs who studied at EUHT StPOL

14 December, 2021

The most innovative hotels in history

23 November, 2021

Maito restaurant of the #StPOLAlumni chef Mario Castrellón, among the best in Latin America

16 November, 2021

What’s the meaning of hospitality?